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Understanding the Media

Full Day or Half Day Workshop – Up to 5 Executives

This is our most popular course designed for Executives who have had minimal or no experience in dealing with the media. Or, for people who have had some media interview experience but really need to go through the basics again.

This can be a full day or half day course and at the end of the session, your spokespeople will have a strong understanding as to how the media works, interpret what the media are thinking and importantly they will be equipped with the tools to engage confidently in forthcoming media engagements.

Every session is tailored specifically to your organisation, services and spokespeople to ensure maximum relevancy and impact is achieved.

The first half of the workshop focuses on securing insights into how the media think and operate, what makes a story and some specific tools to prepare you for difficult questions.

We then work on determining company key messages which are workshopped and given to you to take-away from the session.

Finally, the real fun starts with on-camera mock interviews for each trainee with carefully developed scenario’s led by our director and a broadcast Journalist.

Frank yet beneficial feedback is provided throughout the session for each trainee and a follow up written report and copy of each interview will be sent following the session.

By the end of this course your spokespeople will:

  • Feel more confident in conducting print, radio and television interviews and general media engagements
  • Understand how the media works and what they want
  • Learn the importance of developing and communicating effective messaging for their organisation
  • Have some experience with easy to challenging mock media interviews.


Your premises, our media mentor boardroom or a third party studio venue.